Campbell Law Staff

We are a small team of solicitors and other qualified professionals with a wide range of skills and experience. We look forward to working with you.

Tim Campbell



Barrister & Solicitor

Tim started this practice in 2009. Among his many notable achievements is winning Native Title recognition for the Kaurna people over the Adelaide area on 21 March 2018.

Tim appears in a range of courts, including the Federal Court, ERD Court, the Supreme Court of South Australia, the District Court, SACAT, and the Magistrates’ Court. Tim believes that commercial disputes and claims can often be successfully settled without costly litigation.

Mobile: 0438 639 552

Holly McGillick



Barrister & Solicitor

Holly has a background in staff training, hospitality and customer service. She has a Bachelor in Laws, a Bachelor in International Relations and a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice. Holly is experienced in litigation and briefing independent barristers. She has appeared in court in complex litigation as the instructing solicitor with barristers.

Holly is well versed in the Uniform Civil Court Rules of South Australia and the Probate Rules of South Australia.

Holly practices primarily in debt collection, contractual disputes, deceased estates, family provision claims, unfair dismissal and planning and environmental matters.

Clients have commented very favourably on Holly’s ability to seek and prepare evidence for court cases.

Holly is a member of the Costs Committee of the Law Society of South Australia.

Jo Thomson


LLB,LP BBehavSc(Psych)

Barrister & Solicitor

Jo practises in a number of legal areas including workers compensation, employment, local government matters and contracts. Jo appears in a variety of courts.

Charlotte Pountney


BA (IntnlRel), LLB, GDLP

Barrister & Solicitor

Charlotte practises in a number of legal areas including corporate law, child protection, defamation, employment, local government matters and contracts. Charlotte appears in a variety of courts.

Wendy Jollands

BA, LLB, Grad.Cert. Information Technology

Office Admin, Researcher

Wendy helps with office administration and research, and volunteers for Sophia Inc, a place of ecumenical feminist spirituality in Adelaide, South Australia

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